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Hans Flu


For weaving a worldwide web of medical knowledge.

Hans Flu

When Hans Flu noticed doctors using social media to impart critical information to patients halfway around the world, the Netherlands-based vascular surgeon decided to create a program known as MDLinking—a supercharged LinkedIn for doctors. The private, secure platform allows vetted professionals to swap expertise, upload technique videos, access a database of more than 3,400 medical journals, and even demonstrate complicated procedures. Not only that, but Flu’s team is experimenting with virtual reality in order to film operations from multiple viewpoints. The result? A doctor in rural Liberia, for instance, will be able to connect seamlessly with a specialist at Harvard. The free app began as a pilot program in May. Flu plans to launch it fully before the end of the year. (Photo courtesy of Hans Flu)

Flu gave up practicing medicine about a year ago. He misses it so much that he dreams about performing operations.

Never a fan of watching television or reading, Flu used to spend all his free time immersed in side projects dealing with tech. Before MDLinking, he built websites to help vascular specialists share information and keep in touch.